We want to thank all of you that have backed us, gotten the word out there or are waiting to deposit your next check to back us! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

We are halfway to our goal and have about half the time left of our Kickstarter to raise the rest. That’s where you guys come in! We want to introduce you to the 3 F’s:


Five Dollars from 

Five Hundred People

on Facebook!

In 2 days! 

With your help, you can spread the word, get your friends to spread the word, get your friends’ friends to spread the word, your gardener, plumber, person who gives you coffee in the morning, everyone to spread the word! 

It’s super simple… Go to your facebook page and in your status, post the link to our project


and announce the 3 F’s:


$5= Five Dollars


500= Five Hundred People

on Facebook! 

in 2 Days!

To support our awesome photobook!

Tell your friends to repost the status so we can reach everyone.

We’ve gotten amazing support from our friends and family, but now it’s time to get people we DON’T know excited about our project! 

We also have another very exciting update! 


These are from our most recent adventure! We want you guys to get an idea of our style and how we shoot so you can get a sense of what to look forward to in our book! While we were on this trip, we took our cameras everywhere, just like we’ll be doing for the book!

First two photographs are by Cait and the bottom two are by Yael! 


Yael & Cait

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